Tubes and Strife

Now I am not one to normally complain. Oh, who are we kidding here? I love a good moan.

I have been in the city that is London two and a half years now, fast approaching the third year. There is one thing I notice. The public transport system sucks the very life out of you.

I swear if this was a JK Rowling novel the underground system would be the dementors. From the moment you are entering the station your will to live is being sucked from you.

No right to moan

I am from a small town in Wales called Llandovery. I really do have no right to moan regarding the public transport. There are 3 trains a day to Swansea and 3 to Shrewsbury. These use trains from 1960 that if to full they have to stop the service and bus you. This isn’t for health and safety, this is because train has too much bloody weight in it to get up the hill for people travelling to the nearest beer festival.

So lets face it anything is better than than what I am used to. Yes you are correct. if I was a tourist, but I am not I am a resident here now and I expect to use the train without delays.

As awful as TFL (Transport For London) are they have nothing on my real bug bearer.

"This is because train has too much bloody weight in it to get up the hill for people travelling to the nearest beer festival"

Humans are cretins

You got it by the title above, the real bug bearer to me are humans. They are the cretins on the underground system. Have a bit of etiquette will you? Wait for a person to get off the train, it makes life easier. Every frigging day I have to worm me way through people and squeeze out of the end like a long awaited poo. I am not calling myself a piece of shit.

The other is don’t lean on the central pole. It was yesterday on the circle line at South Kensington. A gentleman said to his wife, lover, significant other. The trick to London and the tube is to have a bit of respect for others. He was being sarcastic due to the one person playing his music on headphones that the whole of the carriage could hear.

Then as the train emptied at High Street Kensington, he proceeded to lean on the central pole. You know the one I am on about the one in the middle of the doors. So every other person including myself had to surf the tube. This is what i call it when you don’t have a hold on handle. He proceeded to be 6-8 foot away from his partner in crime, so decided to shout the conversation at her.

It was lucky I was running late for my film and was getting off at the next stop or I would of given him a very stern look and muttered under my breath at him. This is all we can do in London as people are to nervous of either being videoed or confronted by another that is bigger.

I don’t know where I am really going with the story or neither do i care. Mainly I think I was getting at be considerate to others so it will be returned. We can at least then enjoy the journey that is the tube without having to deal with assholes.

Enjoy your tube rides people. But if all else fails walk.