Being Welsh in London

Ahh congratulations you have found yourself wanting to know about me.

Well to start with I am a 30 year old bloke that is catching up with the times. Thinking it wise to write a modern day diary for the world to see.

I grew up in Wales, a small town of Llandovery is where all the best memories are. I decided at 27 to move to London. That was after I had lived in the Midlands and in Somerset. I lived a bit of a life and I am ready to share with you all, well those of you that can be bothered to read this garbage.

This site is just of my stories growing up and of modern day events. My opinions will be shared as like an asshole everyone has one. I am no different. Just remember these are all my own opinions and not that of anyone else.

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Look forward to  enjoying this journey with you.